October 30, 2014

John Albright & Dianne Canafax

Water running from a plugged master bath toilet through the ceiling into a downstairs office led to a panicked call to a friend, Cathy Hayes, who highly recommended you good folks. Dianne then spoke with Angi, who was professional, friendly, helpful, and reassuring. We feared the best we could hope for would be the following day, but she said she’d have someone on site within a couple hours. Cele called to let us know he was enroute and arrived right on time. He too was most professional, courteous, neat, and we soon learned, knowledgeable. And he didn’t even snicker when I mentioned that the plug might somehow be related to the ballpoint pen that had been flushed… Cele patiently explained what he proposed to do and why and soon restored flow. We thought we were good to go and declared victory. The pen, however, had other ideas and simply set up camp further downstream. So Cele returned a couple days later and chased it to the end of the main line where he retrieved it just before it went into the primary tank. This was reassuring to us because it confirmed the plug issue was indeed resolved. During this process Cele removed the tank’s cover and noticed the line was running uphill into the tank, most likely because of soil settlement. Our alternative septic O&M inspector had either missed or not bothered to report this rather basic problem – even I know you want the crap to run downhill – during numerous inspections. Cele recommended we dig up and realign the line, which he did effectively and efficiently during a third visit. Angi and Cele both are wonderful representatives of your business. So is Lynne, who I met Friday when I stopped by the office to say thank you for running such a classy operation. We travel several times a year and provide the housekeeper a list of contacts to call in case of various disasters. We didn’t have a plumber on the list. Now we do. Guess you’re stuck with us… Thanks again! John Albright & Dianne Canafax
October 30, 2014

Langlois & Sons Pianos-Est. 1865-We thank you!

Dear Budget Rooter, We have had great misfortune due to the extreme rain lately, our shop has flooded twice in the last 3 months. Also we had a tree fall on the back of the shop prior to that. Today tow of your find employees came out to our shop today to figure out why our overflow drain was backing up after various attempts by other companies. Thomas & Mark not only were the most professional gentleman during the torrential down pout this morning but they fixed the problem in record time. If not for them being here this morning our shop no doubt would have flooded again. I commend the work ethic of those two with extreme gratitude. I will use again & definitely recommend your fine company to anyone with high regard. Thanks & Regards, Michael Assistant to Ira T. Langlois, RPT Langlois Pianos.

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