Septic Repair

Septic System, Excavating and Camera Work

Pump Repair and Replacement:

Budget Rooter Plumbing Service has the expertise to diagnose and repair or replace well pumps and sewage pumps. We have been offering this service in our community since 1995 and have had great success in solving these types of issues. There are many different types of pumps out there. We have the experience with researching all kinds of pumps and finding what our customer needs to get back to enjoying their amenities.

Septic Locating:

We are the experts when it comes to locating septic or sewer lines, as well as storm drain lines and blockages along the way. We have state of the art camera and locating equipment and our technicians are well trained in its use. This is extremely helpful equipment and prevents digging randomly to try and find the issue.

Hydro Jetting:

Budget Rooter Plumbing Service has all of the equipment necessary to restore flow to your storm lines, septic lines and sewer lines. We have a protocol that may include hydro jetting, which is an industrial high power machine that shoots water into your line, clearing debris and blockages that could not otherwise be achieved with cabling alone.

Camera Work:

Budget Rooter Plumbing Service has the equipment and expertise to diagnose and repair any drainage issue you may have. One of our instrumental pieces of diagnostic equipment is the use of our camera(s). This equipment gets introduced into an access point in the line and provides visual inspection of the inside of the line, as well as, the location of possible intrusion. This is a truly valuable tool and helps prevent unnecessary digging.

Drain Cleaning:

Budget Rooter Plumbing Service has earned the reputation of being the premier drain cleaners in the areas that we serve. We often get referrals from other local plumbing companies to come out to their customer and restore flow. These referrals are greatly appreciated and give us a sense of pride.
We have a protocol that we follow and we start with the least invasive and expensive option first. We are successful in this when deeper issues do not exist. When there are deeper issues, we can also employ our equipment and expertise to address those issues as they arise and will get you flowing as we follow the protocol.
We want you to know that all along the way, we will communicate our findings and let you know what options you have. You are the director, we are the experts.

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